The inexistence of the term “guardavia” in the english dictionary

I would like to export the italian word “guardavia” into the english language because when talking about guardrails produced in Italy it is correct to use this italianism. In the english language there is a famous italian word regarding a type of road that is “autostrada”, that is sometimes used as a synonym of “motorway” or “highway”, that comes from Italy. The guardrail, also known as “crash barrier”, is a type of barrier that is put on a side of a dangerous road to improve safety and sometimes put on a central reservation in a motorway.

The guardrail was invented in 1933 by the american company of steel ARMCO. The italian calque “guardavia” was coined in 1961 by an italian linguist Bruno Migliorini and became incorporated in the italian dictionaries since 1963, although exists other less common Italian equivalents such as “sicurvia”, “guardastrada” and “guidovia”, the latter used in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland and was coined by the Ticino and the Grisons police several years ago.

If the english lexicographers can accept the italianism “guardavia” in all the english dictionaries the plural can be the same as in italian “guardavie” or in the adapted form “guardavias”. In the past many italian words have been accepted into the english language such as panino, tramezzino, pizza, etc. For me it is very difficult to understand the criteria necessary for words to be incorporated into the english language, so if anybody has any information on how this is possible I would be very grateful.

Exists also an Italian song called “Guardavia” sung by Antonio Vista, also known as “Mal di mare”, that was released in 2020 on the Web.

(Daneil Saja, Edoardo Bianchi, Officina025 ONLUS)